FAQ for Families

Campers who attended or will attend a camp that uses the JC@H platform will be invited to participate through their camp. If you’d like your child to participate and you don’t see their camp on the list of participating camps, click here to email JC@H and we will let your camp know you came by. JC@H is only accessible to children through their camp.

Camps using JC@H will invite campers to participate through an email to the parent. The camp will provide a user-friendly guide for families, including instructions for how to log in the first time. The parent and child will complete a simple and safe registration process, and the parent will be required to sign the Terms of Use on behalf of their child. Once registered, campers can log in, follow the instructions to put the app on their mobile devices* (if they have), and then be in their camp’s virtual world! Once logged in, your camper can connect with their camp friends in a closed, password-protected social network bubble. They can communicate on the main community feed or in groups set up by the camp, based on categories like camp unit, grade, or special interest. Campers can respond to polls, take part in competitions, post pictures, share videos, react with emojis, and so much more.

*The web version of JC@H can also be accessed on a desktop or laptop!

At camp, kids connect with each other, camp staff, and the camp community. All of these things are possible in the community section of JC@H. Camp staff starts the conversations or virtual activities, and kids can jump into the fun! Camp also provides affinity spaces by age and interest. Your camp’s groups will bring campers together and connect them across the miles.

On the activities page, campers can access videos, on-demand activities, and downloadable resources. These are ways for kids to connect to camp in their own time, based on their own interests. One way kids grow and become more confident at camp is through learning new skills and advancing their abilities. Likewise, the activities library on JC@H provides opportunities for campers to grow and thrive.

At camp, kids typically hear about what’s happening each day at meals or at the flagpole. Their camp’s JC@H homepage keeps them up-to-date with information about upcoming events, special programs, camp announcements, and even birthdays! The homepage is the one section of JC@H that is not password protected, so anyone interested – parents, alumni, prospective campers – can visit this page and learn about the camp community.

JC@H was created by camp professionals and educators under the guidance and expertise of attorneys specializing in child online safety. Every precaution has been taken in the creation of the site. Camps using JC@H provide oversight and monitoring to ensure that only approved users are using JC@H, and that those users are abiding by their camp’s Code of Conduct while they’re online.

Each camp determines who has access to the site, and they can remove a user at any time for inappropriate conduct. The community page uses a built-in filter to prevent inappropriate language, and a reporting function allows users to flag any post that appears in violation of the Terms of Use. If something is flagged, the post will be pulled immediately until the camp reviews it and determines if it should be edited or removed. All content is community-facing with the exception of Shabbat-O-Grams, which campers can send to one another directly, with a weekly distribution on Fridays. Shabbat-O-Grams, while offering direct messages to individuals, are not entirely private and can be accessed and viewed by the camp at any time.

Parents are encouraged to speak with their children about appropriate conduct online and to review what their child posts and shares.

JC@H is on a secure server, and the site is regularly updated and maintained to the best current industry security standards.

JC@H is designed for campers, and ease of use is a top priority. The interface is kid-friendly, and the functionality is simple. Camps will provide their families with instructions and how-to videos, so even the youngest campers can learn how to use JC@H. For tech support, if your camp isn’t able to answer your question, JC@H can be reached at support@mosaicu1.sg-host.com.

JC@H was created by Foundation for Jewish Camp and Mosaic United to connect campers to each other and to their camps during COVID-19. What we have come to understand is that the need to connect and feel a sense of belonging is not limited to a pandemic. Jewish camps strengthen social connections and provide opportunities for positive Jewish engagement during the summer months, but COVID-19 has taught us that this can continue beyond the gates of camp. We’re happy to be able to provide a way for continued connection and Jewish engagement year-round.

Camp connections are some of the most influential in a child’s life. JC@H offers the only place where campers of all ages can be connected in one safe virtual space, all together. Your child can now be in communication with their camp friends without needing to be on a public social media platform that wasn’t designed for kids or camps. JC@H is free from commercial advertising, and only users approved by your child’s camp will be on the site. Your camper can jump into fun, transporting them to a place where everyone belongs, where caring adults are role modeling healthy digital citizenship, and where their development is at the forefront of their online experience.

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