FAQ for Camp Professionals

Jewish day and overnight camps that are part of Foundation for Jewish Camp’s (FJC) network are eligible to use the Jewish Camp @ Home app for FREE through the generous collaboration of FJC and Mosaic United.  
Camps can express interest here.  If you are a camper, camp parent, or seasonal staff member, please share this form with your camp director.

Once a camp is ready to commit, fill out the application form to begin the onboarding process. 

Support is available to help camps build their sites, and all participating camps participate in a bi-monthly meeting to share and learn with other camp professionals using the site. Participating camps will also be asked to report on their community engagement on JC@H.

Camp websites are typically designed to be parent-facing for marketing purposes, while the Jewish Camp @ Home app is designed for camper interaction and fun.
This customizable app offers the ability to connect directly with campers and allows them to stay up to date about camp in a place that was created just for them.  It does not replace your existing website or social media presence. Instead, it helps centralize your communications so your campers can easily connect to your community without adult assistance or accessing adult or teen social media platforms.
On the activities page, campers can access videos, on-demand activities, and downloadable resources. These are ways for kids to connect to camp in their own time, based on their own interests. One way kids grow and become more confident at camp is through learning new skills and advancing their abilities. Likewise, the activities library on JC@H provides opportunities for campers to grow and thrive.

At camp, kids typically hear about what’s happening each day at meals or at the flagpole. Their camp’s JC@H homepage keeps them up-to-date with information about upcoming events, special programs, camp announcements, and even birthdays! The homepage is the one section of JC@H that is not password protected, so anyone interested – parents, alumni, prospective campers – can visit this page and learn about the camp community.

The Jewish Camp @ Home app is super customizable to meet your camp’s needs.

Each camp can pick from four main design outlets:

  1. Homepage Version 1
  2. Homepage Version 2
  3. Homepage Version 3
  4. Homepage Version 4

Camper and staff access is by invitation only from the camp. All users (and parents for users under 18) are required to read and sign a commitment to follow the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Individuals not following the user agreement can be removed by the camp.

Each camp decides how they want to use the app and who they want to invite onto the site.
Camps can choose select age cohorts, use it as an incentive for registration, and admit designated staff members to engage their campers. It’s up to you! Inside the app, you can pre-populate groups by age cohort, create groups for new campers to connect with one another, or identify small group cohorts for targeted connections. 
We’ve worked hard to make the app easy to use, and our team at Jewish Camp @ Home is here to help!
We will provide you with a check list of onboarding materials (e.g., logo, pictures, branding information) to ensure that the app is customized to look and feel like your camp.  Once created, you will be able to use or customize pre-made graphics in Elementor (the built-in design tool) to load announcements, banners, and other engagement opportunities.  We will provide you with a training guide or, for a fee, you can pay the site developers to create the site for you.
After you go live, our team will still be here to support you and inspire you.  We will gather those on the app regularly to help with troubleshooting and support each other in engagement efforts.

Have a perfect camper in mind?